Empowered Doctors Program


Empowered Doctors Program

Dream to become a doctor. Get the best coaching at most affordable cost, effective mentoring, financial assistance for MBBS, assistance for PG entrance coaching, leadership and people-management skills training.

Apply for the most relevant course now. Shraddha System of Excellence in partnership with 'Rebuild India' provides the most effective and result oriented courses created by doctors to help aspiring doctors fulfill their dreams. Fee subsidies and waiver will be on the basis of assessment of family affordability and financial status. 

Do not worry about the fee. If you feel you have the aptitude to become a doctor, we will help you, no matter your financial status. 

The Purpose of the Program

Education is the process of inner transformation and not a commodity that can be purchased. The potential to excel in education is not dependent on affordability. So, our purpose is to identify deserving students from all socio-economic sections of society, nurture their inner strengths, provide them with excellent coaching, assist them with need based scholarships and guide them towards becoming successful doctors. 

Support System

Our support system includes the following:

  1. High quality subsidised NEET coaching (During PUC)
  2. Mentoring by doctors during PUC & MBBS
  3. Need based scholarships during MBBS
  4. Assistance to pursue PG entrance examination coaching during MBBS
  5. Leadership and people management skills training

Our support begins from the time of PUC and goes all the way until you complete your MBBS and settle down as a successful doctor. Our association doesn't stop there and you are most welcome to continue to be associated with us as a mentor. 

Who can apply?

Every sincere student can apply irrespective of their financial status. Our courses are available on a first come first serve basis subject to aptitude and commitment assessment. So, you can apply for the relevant courses if you are in 10th Std or 1st PUC or 2nd PUC or complete 2nd PUC.

Instructions on filling up details

There are five courses covered under the 'Empowered Doctors Program'. Mention the relevant course in the application below: (Mention the course number only)

  • Course 1 : Long Term NEET Junior (For incoming 1st PUC Students)
  • Course 2 :  Long Term NEET Senior (For incoming 2nd PUC Students)
  • Course 3 : Two Phase NEET Crash Course (For students in 2nd PUC)
  • Course 4 : Intensive NEET Crash Course (After 2nd PUC board exams)
  • Course 5 : Long term NEET Repeaters Course (For Students who have completed 2nd PUC)


Please fill the application completely and correctly. Incomplete or incorrect applications are liable to be rejected. 

Empowered Doctors program - Application form

Apply for the program to Fulfill your dream of becoming a Doctor.