List of Courses

True foundation program

This program is a unique model of training students of classes 7 to 10 where they are made capable of achieving super success in all their pursuits. It's a program done only in the schools. 

Long term NEET Coaching - Junior

Students studying in 10th Std or early 1st PUC can apply for this course. Selection to this course will give you opportunity to get coaching and mentoring for 2 years giving you a great chance at success in NEET.

Long term NEET Coaching - Senior

Students studying in 1st PU or early 2nd PU can apply for the one year long NEET Coaching and mentoring. If you are selected, you get the intensive guidance to enhance your chances of success in NEET

Two Phase NEET Crash Course

2nd PU Students can apply for this course which is a unique exam oriented course to align you towards achieving optimum success in NEET. It has two phases Nov to Jan Priming phase and Apr intensive phase. 

Intensive NEET Crash Coure

One month before NEET is a time of crucial importance. Apply for the intensive crash course conducted in the month of April to give a boost to your last minute preparations. The course is for students who have written their board exams.

Long term NEET Repeaters Course

If you've completed your board exams and willing to take a year's break to prepare for the next year's NEET, this course is the boon for you. Apply now to get the best advantage for your extended preparation.