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Careers @ Shraddha System of Excellence & Rebuild India

A teacher has the greatest opportunity, power and responsibility to shape the thought process of generations and to determine how a society lives and progresses. If you feel you are destined to influence humanity and contribute towards the welfare of our country through the power of your knowledge and the immense strength of your commitment, we welcome you with open hands. 

Working with the vision of 'Rebuild India' is not just a job. It is a continuous process of transformation, internal as well as external. Our system is designed to ensure everybody with the commitment towards the vision prospers and excels in all aspects of their lives, not just professional. 

We have variety of options available to ensure every person with a commitment towards learning and sharing of knowledge gets associated with us. Apply for the one that suits you the best. You can always change what you want to do based on your interests and competencies from time to time. 

We are excited to welcome you into our team of committed and happy changemakers. 

dream team


Dream Team

Dreams of students to pursue a career in Science; be it Medicine, Engineering, Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences etc needs able support and guidance from effective teachers. This is the team of teachers training students of +2 for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. 

Part time, consultancy and full time positions can be availed. Apply if you relate to the requirements mentioned below. We can have a discussion and find a conducive way for you to get associated with us. 

Requirements to be on the 'Dream Team': 

  1. Excellent subject knowledge
  2. Strong analytical and correlational learning skills
  3. Willingness to constantly learn and evolve
  4. Leadership qualities
  5. Research, publications, academic accomplishments, social recognitions etc will be highly appreciated

S & F Team (Strength & Fearlessness team)


S & F Team (Strength & Fearlessness team)

Classes 7 to 10 is the time for children to explore the different dimensions of their intellect and develop the right paradigms, habits, attitudes to prepare for a competitive and challenging life beyond that. We have a unique 'True foundation program' which makes children strong and fearless. Those who set their paradigms, habits and attitudes right and become strong and fearless will have a life of happiness and excitement irrespective of the challenges. 

Individuals who become teachers for this program are the most important changemakers who will shape the future of our country and humanity. If you feel you need to be a part of this history in the making, apply for it and be assured that the journey will be very rewarding. 

Subjects: Mathematics (including Vedic Maths), General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology), Social Studies (History, Economics, Geography, Polity), English (Grammar, Comprehension, Communication), Logical reasoning and general mental ability.

Who can apply:

  1. Graduates & postgraduates
  2. UG & PG Students
  3. Working professionals
  4. Professional teachers
  5. Research scholars
  6. Educated housewives
  7. Retired professionals

Requirements to be on S & F team:

  1. Highly motivated and passionate about learning
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Ability to engage young students in a conversation
  4. Unconventional and intuitive approach towards handling challenges
  5. Public speaking, team building, leadership qualities are advantages

Note: All selected individuals will be guided on how to prepare and deliver the program. If you feel you have the above mentioned qualities, apply for this position and you'll love to be on this team.