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NEET Coaching - Accessible, Affordable & Equitable

If you dream to become a Doctor, our NEET coaching provides you help, guidance and support to make you excel. All that you require is a burning desire and everything else that is a limitation for you to do well in the test will be taken care of. 

About Us

The vision

To contribute towards national development by impacting the areas of education and healthcare in a way that resources are made accessible, affordable and equitable; and enable the overall growth of a co-operative and collaborative spirit in the citizens for individual as well as national progress. 

Education for all

Education is an opportunity for educators to influence the generations and guide them towards becoming fearless and strong.

Education by it's nature needs to be accessible, affordable and equitable where every sincere student should be provided with the opportunities to excel irrespective of their socio-economic or familial status. 

Empowered Doctors Program

We have a vision to create 10,000 doctors from middle class, lower middle class and economically backward families by supporting them through multiple stages of the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. 

Our students greaty benefit by our most effective NEET coaching, monitored and guided test practice and capacity building assessment and evaluation. 

Dr Varun M

Managing Director

Dr Varun Murthy

A doctor by qualification with MBBS from Bangalore, a teacher by passion, a trainer by orientation and a social entrepreneur by commitment. He has trained thousands of students for medical entrance examinations and has been actively involved in areas of training like attitudes, habits, memory, behavioural modification, leadership development, communication skills, transactional abilities etc.

To make high quality education affordable, accessible and equitable to all has been an area of commitment for him. He trains teachers to become effective communicators and enhance the quality of NEET coaching. His constant and progressive focus on enhancing the quality of teachers makes the system a continuously evolving one and the one which provides best opportunities for every student to excel in all the tests they take.  

Dr Sanjana SN

Executive Director

Dr Sanjana SN

Dr Sanjana is a medical doctor with MBBS , MD in Community Medicine . An extremely dedicated, patient friendly, empathetic doctor who has a commitment to ensure healthcare reaches the communities vulnerable to get affected by diseases. She leads the health initiatives of 'Rebuild India' some of which being 'Healthy Child Healthy nation', 'Family health Monitor', 'First Aid for Everybody', 'Menstrual health and quality of life' etc.

She motivates, inspires and guides students aspiring to become doctors and orients them towards the right strategies for NEET preparation. She trains and guides the mentors engaged in NEET coaching to effectively guide students towards best performance. Helping students to attain optimum health for enhancing test performance is an area of interest. 

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